Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

New Year's resolutions may be long gone, but Spring is here and a great time for a fresh start! But what to do? There are a lot of "Detox" diets and programs out there, but I wouldn't recommend most of them. Some of them can be extreme and end up messing up your metabolism, and some just make no sense at all. Here's a simple spring cleaning plan... What is it about your diet that's difficult? Is it that you eat candy every day? Fried food? No vegetables? Whatever it is, spring is the perfect time to make the first step to overcoming them. So, pick your poison and choose a period of time where you can do the opposite. It's important though that the period of time is realistic and achievable. It could just be to not eat sweets for 1 day or a whole week. Realistic and achievable. Go for it.